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Natural Gas Services

Natural Gas Services

Natural Gas Services

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

LPG Gas Services

Natural Gas Services

Natural Gas Services

LPG Qualified Engineers

Oil Services

Natural Gas Services

Oil Services

Oftec Registered Engineers

Electric Heating

Electric Heating

Electric Heating

No Gas, No Oil, then why not have electric central heating


Electric Heating

Electric Heating

Get your heating system cleaned

Heating Controls

Electric Heating

Heating Controls

Update your Heating Controls

Natural Gas and LPG Services

Gas Boiler Installation, Boiler Servicing, Boiler Repair

Need a new gas boiler. We can carry out a boiler installation making sure its installed correctly and safe to use in addition we carry out gas boiler servicing and boiler repair

Gas Cooker Installation, Cooker Servicing, Cooker Repair

Have you purchased a new cooker and need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install your new cooker, we can carry out a cooker installation making sure its installed correctly and safe to use in addition we carry out Gas Cooker servicing and cooker repair to keep your gas cooker in excellent working order.

Gas Fire Installation and Fire Surround Installation

Let Mark Anthony carry out the installation of your new gas fire and fire surround providing the main focal point in your lounge.

Gas Fire Servicing and Gas Fire Repair

Gas fires are one of the most likely causes of carbon monoxide, yet the most unlikely to be serviced, make sure yours is safe to use and book a service with us. In addition we also repair gas fires to keep you warm on those cold evenings.

Gas Landlords Certificates

We carry out servicing, landlord certificates and maintenance services for both small and large landlords so whether your have one property you let to many we can undertake a servicing program for you.

New House Pre Purchase Heating Surveys

Purchasing your new home can be daunting, let us help you by booking a pre-purchase property survey and have piece of mind when buying your new home.

Oil Services

Oil Boiler installation

Need a new Oil boiler. We can carry out an Oil boiler installation making sure it's installed correctly and to the regulations.

Oil Full Heating System Installation

We carry out full heating installations on Oil, when you have no mains gas and you have decided you do not want oil heating then Oil is great for providing your heating solutions.

Oil Boiler Servicing

We carry out oil boiler servicing to the manufacturers instructions by an Oftec qualified engineer.

Oil Boiler Repair

Broken down oil boiler, we carry out repairs on all makes of oil boilers.

Electric Heating

Electric Boiler installation

Need a new electric boiler. We can carry out an electric boiler installation.

Electric Full Heating System Installation

We carry out full heating installations on electric, when you have no mains gas and you have decided you do not want oil heating then electric is great for providing your heating solutions. With radiators and full control over your heating system as you would with gas or oil.

Direct Electric Hot water Cylinders Replaced

Old Electrically heating hot water cylinders replacement for new effiencent cylinders.


Why Powerflush?

If sludge and debris is not removed from heating systems, it can accumulate in radiators, pipework and heat exchangers, causing severe blockages.  This will slow down the transfer of heat and can result in main component parts like the pump and control valves failing on your heating system. In some cases this will eventually lead to the boiler kettling and can lead to the boiler having to be replaced.

What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a way of cleaning and maintaining a central heating system. A powerflushing machine is attached to you heating system and it sends water at high velocity through the system to dislodge and remove debris, limescale, and sludge build-up. The powerflush also can reverse the flow through your system so that the dirt in your system can be agitated in two directions. A thorough powerflush will improve heat distribution throughout the property, subsequently lowering household energy bills and increasing system reliability.

How long Does it take?

To power flush a heating system thoroughly will take between half a day to a complete day depending on the system condition.

Mark Anthony Recommends Powerflushing you heating system!

All our customer that have had a power flush completed have all said the difference in the system is incredible and heats up so much quicker, the temperature from the radiators has improved massively.

Heating Controls


Updating your heating controls

If your system does not have cylinders stats, room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves or maybe not a programmer or timer then you could be spending more money on heating your home and hot water. 


We install Honeywell Heating controls to a majority of our heating installations. With a great range of heating programmers and room thermostats whether they are wired or wireless. 

Nest Thermostats

At Mark Anthony we are Nest pro installers of the Nest thermostat.

 Since 2011, it’s saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. Because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. That’s how the Nest Thermostat saves energy! 

The nest connects wirelessly to your internet and can be controlled via your phone or tablet.


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